Registration & Fees

Admissions and Withdrawals • Fees for 21/22 • Registration Requirements

Admissions and Withdrawals:

To be eligible for this program the child must be 30 months of age and be totally toilet trained. They must be able to communicate with one of the teachers that they need to use the washroom and must be able to use the toilet on their own.

Parents are required to complete all necessary enrollment forms before their child is left at the preschool due to licensing regulations. This includes a medical history and immunizations records (for children whose parents have chosen not to immunize, a note stating this will do).

If for whatever reason, the preschool is no longer appropriate for your child, we require one month’s notice before withdrawing your child. Your deposit of June’s prepaid tuition will be kept in lieu of notice.

Pre-register your child with a non-refundable $50 deposit. 1/2 of this deposit goes towards your first month’s enrollment fee.  Call 778-519-5288 to talk to one of our teachers or email

 Download the form here : pre-registration form (docx) or a pdf from below:

Fees for 2021/22:

Our yearly operating costs are averaged into ten equal payments so that even “shorter” months require the same fee.  If your child is away due to illness, vacation etc. you are still required to pay for your child for that time frame.  Our fee schedule is set up before September, based on our budget for current enrolment.

• The 2 days a week class (Tuesday/Thursday 8:45-11:15am) is $130/month – For 3 Year Olds

• The 3 days a week class (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:30-11:30am) is $225/month – For 3 & 4 Year Olds

• The 4 days a week class (Monday-Thursday 12:30-3:30pm) is $275/month – For 4 Year Olds

June’s fee is required to be paid with your September fee as a deposit (so come June there will be no further payment). We will collect 9 post-dated cheques at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September. (As June’s fee is included on September’s cheque). They must be dated the first of each month from September through May. An annual or semi-annual payment may also be made in full by cash or cheque if preferred. Any other financing arrangements may be discussed with the Treasurer.

If you would like to pre-register your child we require a non-refundable $50 deposit.

Registration Requirements

Items to be Included for Complete Preschool Registration Licensing Package:

• Post Dated Cheques – dated the 1st of each month (Sept – May)

(Please include June’s fee on your September cheque as a deposit)

• Immunization Records photocopy (or letter stating otherwise)

• Child’s Personal Information Form

• 3 Current Photos of your child, one for the registration package, one for our wall and the third is for a parents’ gift during the year

• Photocopy of your child’s birth certificate

If your child attended Bright Beginnings last year and the school already has copies of your child’s birth certificate, medical care card and immunization record, additional copies are not required.