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Our Philosophy

The primary purpose of a Community Preschool is to aid in the development of the child; socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and intellectually. Children learn through play and with age appropriate activities we aim to achieve the following:

• to be responsible for one’s own belongings
• to be cooperative and to share with others
• to be courteous, prompt, friendly and helpful
• to have healthy attitudes towards others
• to help the child find resolution for conflict

• to express feelings in a socially acceptable manner
• to adjust to and be happy in a group away from home
• to overcome shyness and make new friends
• to control temper and tears
• to have a feeling of self worth and competency
• to cope with feelings of jealousy, anger, etc
• to take risks

• to develop large muscle control through games, creative movement, and use of apparatus
• to develop small muscle control through manipulative and coordination activities
• to establish desirable health habits

• to increase awareness of their environment and the people around them

• to develop language and listening skills
• to be able to think for oneself and to share ideas in a group
• to develop curiosity, creativity and imagination
• empowerment to make choices

Values and Goals

These are the values and goals we use to implement our philosophy.

• Allowing children to learn through play.
• Maintain a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.
• Respect children’s uniqueness and recognize & celebrate their individual differences.
• Development of an environment that says “YES” to exploring and experimenting.
• Discovering, having fun with friends and being a child.
• Emphasis on the “process” rather than the “product.”
• Use of positive language.
• Model empathy and compassion.
• Encourage children to take risks.
• Help children make a balance of choices.
• Keep a sense of humor and create laughter.
• Provide a “child-centered program” which evolves from the interests of the children, as well as successfully planned and implemented units.
• Cultivate a curriculum which is developed and revised to ensure a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences for children.


• dramatic play -music
• block play -science/math
• gross motor skill building -pre writing
• literature and pre reading -group time
• small group learning activities -field trips and exploring the community
• outdoor play – free expression and planned art

Our Volunteer Board

As a non-profit preschool, Bright Beginnings is run by a volunteer board, made up of parents and community members. A lot of work goes into making Bright Beginnings sustainable and available. Here are the people involved this 2018/19 school year:

President: Gareth Barlow
Vice President: Felina Arsenault
Treasurer: Laura Bullock
Secretary: Jessica McAllister
Fundraising/Grant Applications: Jodi Erbacher and Jade Elford
Communications/Social Media Liaison: Nicole Dinel
Two Class Reps per class

Read about our board roles here. If you’re interested in being on the board, please email us at brightbeginningsferniebc@gmail.com.


We fundraise about $5,000 – $6,000 annually! This money is essential to the preschool – it helps us pay our ECE Educators a fair wage, maintain current toys, supplies, and equipment, as well as attend special events or bring in special visitors.

It is therefore mandatory that all parents participate in a bake sales and/or other fundraisers as required. With a new Fundraising Committee this school year, we are hoping to expand our efforts in keeping funds low. If you are unable to participate in these events, a donation can be made in lieu. Thank you for your support!

The Handbook

Please download our Parent Handbook (PDF) for full details of our curriculum and facilities HERE.