Silly Bugs

box of kleenex - wood cover

There are a few viruses going around right now so it might be nice to do a quick review of our Illness Policy:


We need to be aware of any physically limiting or potentially life threatening conditions which may cause your child harm if handled improperly.

Observable symptoms: If your child has any of the following observable symptoms, he/she should not come to preschool:

–  diarrhea
– difficult or rapid breathing
– pinkeye
– sore throat or trouble swallowing
– unusually coloured urine or stool
– vomiting in the last 24 hours
– severe itching of body or scalp
– severe nasal/sinus congestion

– severe coughing
– yellowish skin or eyes
– unusual spots or rashes
– infected skin patch(es)
– headache or stiff neck
– loss of appetite
– temperature of 99 degrees or above
– bright green or yellow mucous

The teachers can refuse to accept a child deemed too sick to attend. When a child becomes ill at the preschool, the teachers will notify the parent. If, for whatever reason, we cannot reach the parent, the emergency person will be called. The teachers will make the child as comfortable as possible, but cannot administer medication. Parents are expected to pick up the sick child from the preschool as soon as possible.

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